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Definition of Beauty

Beauty has constantly been used to defining things in their appearance acting as a show of goodness and suitability. However, they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and based on that, beauty means different things to different people. The definition has over the years shifted the cultural demands and the ever continuous development of knowledge. It is common subject of discussion amongst philosophers starting right from historic times in the ancient Greek all the way to this present age. The human belief on the issue of beauty has differed over the years. Ideally, beauty has a certain definition. All the same, most people look at beauty in terms of having collective characteristics in a person or an object that offers a sense of some pleasure in spirit, mind and sight as well.

Ancient beauty ideas

The Greeks during pre-historic times wrote about the subject of beauty, tackling it from various aspects. The ideas were very captivating. Basically, they were founded on the quality of being youthful. Even though this view on the subject of beauty in relation to the idea of being youthful had some truth, it received a lot of confrontation since it was thought to be over-simplified.

Actually, more than just being in a youthful state, a personal could lack the sight of beauty that offers a sense of spirit or mind pleasure. This is indeed very true and therefore, beauty cannot entirely be based on issues of being youthful. It is just a part of everything about beauty and not everything about what beauty is all about. Therefore, it is important to note that the youthfulness bit cannot be solely used to defined beauty and neither can it be disregarded.

Modern perceptions about beauty

Today, things seem to have evolved. No much change has occurred other than developing on what has been held previously concerning beauty. Modern beauty definitions can be traced back in the enlightenment period. During this time, beauty was linked with metaphysical concepts. For example, different enlightenment philosophers and artists endeavored to connect beauty with the truth aspect. As a result, truth was deeply connected to beauty.

Just like in the old beliefs, modern philosophies concerning beauty were also questioned. For instance, there are quite a number of ugly truths and facts with a great deal of legitimacy yet without a pleasant sight. Therefore, defining beauty through truth can be defined as a situational concept. Ideally, the qualities of being youthful and truthful seem to summarize the whole idea on the definition of beauty.

Environmental Science is a vast field and we helped you narrow your research down through our first guide 10 facts on environmental science for a definition essay.

We are confident both guides will help you come up with interesting research pointers to help you build your research a step further. Our guide on 20 environmental essay topics for your college assignment must have surely been helpful to choose a topic, where we also showed you a sample essay on of the topics.

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to show you how to write an extended definition essay on environmental science. Let’s go through it all step by step.

Be Absolutely Ascertain about the Reason Behind the Definition of the Topic at Hand

The reader needs to see the same level of importance when defining the topic; you won’t be able to achieve that if you aren’t clear yourself.

Provide Various Contrasting Examples to Your Topic

Through these comparative examples, your original topic will become clearer to the reader.

With respect to the step mentioned above, you need to eliminate any assumptions about your topic that are incorrect through fair comparison. For example, an owl appears to be cute, ‘homely’ and a potential pet but contrary to popular belief, they are not home-friendly at all.

Your definition can achieve more credibility if you can come up with a supposed test which makes sure that your assessment of the topic is correct. Further, refine your concept by creating subparts of your topic and then explain everything along with functions.

The motive is to explain a concept; you have to explain it in your own words and therefore it being unique is the entire point of the essay. It should have a proper definition by function, it needs to have examples, it needs to have an easy-on-the-eyes structure, as well as the background of your topic and collective research.

Don’t Miss Out on Relevant Details and Remain On-Point

Your analysis of the topic needs to be thorough and it should go beyond the obvious. The reader is scanning your words carefully; don’t assume they know what you were thinking while writing. We urge you to give examples that further shed light on your concepts.

The Examples You Use to Support Your Thesis Need to Come from Credible Sources

Furthermore, you need to negate the topic by explaining in detail what it is and isn’t. If you can put in a function of your concept then that will make the essay even more credible. These functions need to elaborate how your findings can be used in the real world.

By now you have the facts, the topics, a sample essay and a guide on how to write an extended definition essay on environmental science. We believe you are now ready to write your essay and wish you the best of luck.

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