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My Favorite Actor Johnny Depp Essay

Actor Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, on June 9, , as John Christopher Depp II, to parents John and Betty Sue Depp. Johnny Depp is an award-winning actor for his portrayal of his unique characters such as, Captain Jack Sparrow in the series of ‘fantasy swashbuckler films’, “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Depp landed his first ever legitimate movie role in the slasher “Nightmare on Elm Street” in , where he took on small parts. This then encouraged him to study acting which paid off when he got the role on a television show “21 Jump Street” and became TV heartthrob.

In his early life, before the “nominations” and the “Award winning heartthrob” happened, Depp had a very struggling childhood which i think got me liking him even more as his struggles were like mine. Due to his family constantly moving around into different houses and the divorce and the pressure,that he received from such an early age, coerced him into experimenting with drugs and smoking and eventually getting engaged to Self-Harming due to the stress of family problems. In an Interview, Depp revealed how he would keep himself to himself. “&#;Puberty was very vague,&#; he explained. &#;I literally locked myself in a room and played guitar.&#;

Very little months after his parents got divorced, Johnny,15, realised how since hes the youngest of four, it became his job to go to his father&#;s office and pick up the weekly child-support money. The split happened to cause a blow between Johnny and his father. At age 16, Johnny dropped out of high school to join the garage band called “The Kids”. The group became very successful that they opened for the other famous bands “talking heads” and the “Bs”, but they, however, barely made ends meet.

Here&#;s some fodder for water-cooler chatter from a brand-name pollster that has been measuring the public&#;s feelings about movie stars since Interesting tidbits: Johnny Depp wins among women, Republicans and Independents, conservatives and liberals, and all age groups except those 66+. But Denzel Washington is favored by Democrats and moderates, Clint Eastwood gets the male vote, and George Clooney takes the AARP crowd.

NEW YORK, Jan. 19,   &#; In he was the voice of Rango, he was Captain Jack Sparrow (again) and he was also a journalist. And, again this year, Johnny Depp has the distinction of being America&#;s Favorite Actor. Next on the list are two actors who haven&#;t actually acted in a movie this past year. Tied for number two are Denzel Washington, who was in the second spot last year, and Clint Eastwood who was number 9 on the list last year.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll® of 2, adults surveyed online between December 5 and 12, by Harris Interactive®.

Rounding out the top five favorite actors is Larry Crowne or rather Tom Hanks in the number 4 spot, up from a tie for number 6 last year, and at number 5 the only actor to have been on this list since it began in , the Duke himself, John Wayne down from the number 3 spot last year.

After being part of a three-way tie for number 6 last year, George Clooney now holds that position by himself. Up from number 10 to number 7 is Sandra Bullock who is the only woman in the top ten and dropping from number 4 to number 8 is Harrison Ford. There are two new additions to the list this year. At number 9, returning to the top ten after a two year absence is Will Smith and debuting at number 10 is funny man Adam Sandler.

This year there are two additions to the list from last year, which means that two actors have dropped out of the top ten. She made her directorial debut this past year, but Angelina Jolie, who was number 5 last year is not on this year&#;s list. And, America&#;s Sweetheart Julia Roberts dropped out of the top ten from a tie for number 6 last year.

Age, region, gender and political party and leanings mean different favorite actors. Men cite Clint Eastwood as their favorite while women say it is Johnny Depp. Echo Boomers (those aged ), Gen Xers (aged ) and Baby Boomers (aged ) all say Johnny Depp is their favorite actor while for Matures (those aged 66 and older), George Clooney is their favorite.

The South is a region that stands alone. Those who live in the East, Midwest and West all say Johnny Depp is their favorite while for Southerners, their favorite is Clint Eastwood. Johnny Depp is also the favorite actor for both Republicans and Independents, but Democrats say Denzel Washington is their favorite actor. There is finally something that Liberals and Conservatives agree on – Johnny Depp is their favorite actor however, for Moderates it is Denzel Washington.

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