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Essay Of Reflection On Group Work


REFLECTION ON GROUPS AND TEAMS3As society has become more complex due to technology and other effects of globalization, the role working in groups and teams to solve problems and concerns in theworkplace and society at large has grown. It is no longer feasible to think that a worker or citizencan simply learn one or two skills and contribute effectively to their workplace or social settingwithout interacting with peers or colleagues. The ability to work effectively in a group or team is becoming a necessity for a successful career, as well as perhaps essential to contributemeaningfully towards woaknb.wz.sk old management model of command and control is loosing its effectiveness as a keymotivation for workers to continue in their jobs is personal growth and development and not justrepetitive task work. Work in today’s society has become increasingly complex and consists of greater nonroutine functions with interdependence which are well suited to teamwork (Levi,). Teams are more effective ways to handle this work and therefore are becoming morecommon in the workplace and many areas of life. The shift in to working in teams also involvesa shift from a control oriented management towards a facilitative approach to leadership. As aresult of this trend towards a facilitative model of working, it is important to understand manyfactors that affect the dynamics of group and team woaknb.wz.sk studying the various aspects and elements of the dynamics of groups and teams inLearning in Groups and Teams, it was an excellent opportunity gain deeper insight into some of these principles by forming a team and working on team projects throughout the semester. This paper will review the essential aspects of teams in the context of the working of the Infraredsteam. Key learning will be drawn out in relation to the team experience together with how this

I read your essay, and have the impression that you repeated yourself a lot. You also did not directly address the second point, "reflection on how learning was achieved". You talked literally about what happened - being punctual, allocating topics, and doing research,- but not anything about the group dynamics and attitudes and methods for learning.
Here are some points to consider. Think about how you would answer the questions. Then pick out the most important ideas or answers and write them down. Then put them in a logical order. This will be the outline for your essay. Then you can write the essay from the points, and re-write to get the word count down to plus or minus 10 percent.

1. Did the group have a leader or leaders? How was they chosen? How were the rules established? Who made the decisions? Was there voting? Was there feedback when someone violated a rule? Can you give an example?

2. What did the group do when there were disagreements? How were these resolved? Was everyone equally satisfied, or were some people left out? How would you describe the general group feeling? Can you think of examples? Did the group form a deliberate "buddy system", or did small cliques form on their own accord? Did these help or detract from the effectiveness of the group and the individuals' learning?

3. What topics did the group work on, how were they allocated, and how did the group determine that there was an equal division of work?

4. Did the group promote, support, or feel responsible for each others learning? If there was a sense of teaching each other, how did they do that? What techniques did they use? Were some of the group members teaching or mentoring the others? Did people take turns as teachers and learners? When certain people felt disadvantaged, did the group discuss it openly?

5. What role did you play in all of the above? Were you a leader? Did you make any suggestions that the group adopted? Was the group open to anyone's suggestions equally? What did you learn from the team dynamics? What did you learn while you were in the group? Would you have learned more or faster or better if you were by yourself? Did this experience change any of your previous attitudes or behaviors? Would you participate in the group again? Why or why not? What were the advantages and disadvantages of being in a group learning exercise?

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