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Life Is A Learning Process Essays

3. Reading Literature

Reading is the best the quality for human being, whatever be profession you are in. If you are not yet a reading freak, then you must immediately switch your modes to a great reader. There are different literature available SCN, SAP Help, Service Market Place, Building Blocks etc. Furthermore, you would having lot of SAP materials, project documents, business process documents, user guides, test scripts etc. The more you read, the more it would be good for you. If you are free for sometime, please do not waste your time at Canteen or Cafeteria, just spend yourself productive reading something. Learning at least one thing by reading, then surely you be a master over a period time.

4. Practice on the System

If you have access to the system, then you should consider it as a great privilege. Many people are not even fortunate enough to have the access to SAP system. Therefore, if you have access to SAP system, you should make full use of that. Try as much as practice that you can. Make use of building blocks and how to documents etc. that are available. Some of these documents are really good, even a fresher can start learning, just by following the instructions given in the documents. Write down a plan for next one month, track your practice performance on a daily basis. I am confident if you practice like this on a daily basis, you would surely get adequate confidence to handle the complex scenarios.

5. Mentoring People

You should always consider that the mentoring is a great opportunity. You should not hold back yourself to mentor people around you. The mentoring will not only develops the good human relations, but also give you a chance to refresh your knowledge and skills. Mentoring need not necessarily be technical mentoring, it would be guiding, directing, monitoring, advising or motivating the people around you. This would give you a confidence that you can be a good constructor. When people start believing your abilities, then it gives you an additional boost to your inner abilities, this is the great starting point for a new journey.

6. Sharing Knowledge

The more you share your knowledge, it would come back to you with double knowledge. Therefore, you should never hesitate yourself to share your knowledge. There are many people who are always reluctant to share their knowledge because of their insecurity feeling. If somebody is in need to know something, explain them with the best possible way, it would definitely give you a benefit. Whatever, you are explaining to the other people would be remembered by you for life long. If you read something you could tend to forget in 10 days, if you see something, you could tend to forget in 10 months, but, if you explain something, surely, you would remember it for 10 years. Therefore, learn something by sharing your knowledge.

7. Attending Seminars

There are number of seminars / conferences you would see, something like Tech-Eds, SAP Sapphires, ASUG Annual Conferences or other related conferences. I understand they are really expensive, but whenever there is a chance and you have ability to participate, you should always make use of it. Particularly, if you go to Tech-Eds, you would see lot of excitement and you will be refreshed with number of new technologies happening around SAP. It is the main reason some of the companies would send their employees or encourage to attend these type of events. Try to attend these event and update your knowledge levels.

8. Discussion with Peers

SAP is a ocean and if somebody says they are champions, then just forget those words. Knowing few transaction codes / programs, does not make anybody a champion. If you practice 10 times more than me, then you would get better skills than me, if somebody practice 10 times more than you, then that person would be a master. Therefore, we should not hesitate to discuss with peers and colleagues. There is no rule that we should know every things. Sometimes, even senior consultants would learn few things from the junior consultants. It is always a good practice to keep your discussions open with peers / colleagues, it would really help you in your learning.

9. Attain industry knowledge

Being a SAP consultant, you would be expected to work in different industries like Public Sector, Utilities, FMCG, Banking, Chemical, Metal, Oil etc. Therefore, it is not just configuring and testing some SAP transactions. We should always update our business process knowledge and industry knowledge relating to various industries. I understand it would take years and years to master the industry knowledge relating to a single industry, however, at least we should have basic understanding about different industries. Therefore, it would always be good idea to read various journals / annual accounts or watching videos would be helpful to a greater extent.

Leadership qualities

Please do not think that leadership is something related to the top management. Every individual is a leader in his / her own abilities. Therefore, learning the leadership qualities is always a continuous process. Leadership does not mean that you need to command somebody. You need to take the ownership of the situation an able to direct, protect and guide your sub-ordinates. The foremost quality of the leader is believing in your own abilities first, then you should direct others. When you are in knowledge driven industry, you should have enough confidence in your knowledge levels to drive them towards the common goal of succeeding the project.

In Life as I was growing up, and getting out of my childhood, teenage years, one of the biggest and most important, valuable things I have been taught from my family, teachers and others in my life is that it is a never ending learning process. I truly believe in that statement so much. I believe that each thing we learn in life, and each person or thing that comes into our lives, is a journey of learning. We learn about all types of people in our life, we learn about all kinds of things, and interesting as well. We learn to get through certain situations in our lives. Everything in life is an experience. The more experience we have in life, the better educated we are about it. A lot of people have the gift of always wanting to learn, always asking questions, doing research, trying new things, doing new things, changing who they associate with if they don&#;t end up who they say they are in the beginning. Learning and being educated, not only through school, but through real life lessons is something so incredibly important and the more we go out in society and the more we get to know different people, is so beneficial for ones self, and that will give someone a better understanding of people, people can start to be great judges of character on the spot. Some people do not know people and cannot read people very well, its because they don&#;t have enough people skills and interpersonal skills to know the difference between the right and wrong person and the more were out there, the better it is for us in future.

Life is full of discoveries, life is full of things that is there to learn, to try to absorb as much information in our minds as possible and that makes our minds more active, ourselves more vibrant, and when were out with people you can have so many conversations about so many things in life, you can make a random subject into such an interesting one that people will listen in and they will be educated too. The more you read, the more you know about the world, current events, and live through experiences and live to tell about it, is something so surreal and so incredible. You will be amazed to how many people will be interested. Each new day are new learning experiences and without learning, you won&#;t have experience. It comes hand in hand and they are very similar in defining life, and defining the true meaning behind it. All this depends on the person. Everyone is different, and has different perspectives on life and how they want to live it and how they have that certain outlook on it. It is a complicated situation, but once you engage into conversation and get different people&#;s point of view of things, you will see the magic and the true beauty of human life, you will see how humans interact with one another. Everyone is different and there are 7 billion people worldwide and all these people have a purpose in life and why they are here. Over half of these people want to learn, want to be educated in life.

Life is given to us and we need to experience life fully and without experience, we will never learn how beautiful life truly is. We need to sometimes get out of our own personal bubble and our own personal lives, to get out there and discover something new, and do new things instead of the same old routine were so immune to. Being center of a attention and selfish is not a way to go through life. If were always seeking attention and if were always making everyone about that certain person, that person has a lack of learning new things, a lack of thinking about other people, other peoples opinions, suggestions, and their trains of thought. We cannot always be me, myself, and I, we need to get others point of view about things and we need to include them in too. Its not a good thing to be selfish and self-centered. Not a great trait to develop. There is nothing wrong with learning, there is nothing wrong with experiencing. Be happy about it all, be positive, and optimistic, but at the same time be enthusiastic about what you want to learn and when those key elements of greatness are involved. everything else will fall into place, everything else will settle into what it is. We have to really be thankful for all the learning and education we have. It prepares us for future and no matter how old we get, the learning process and experience never stops. Just keep going and don&#;t stop now.

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