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Essay about Electricity Informative Speech

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Informative Speech Outline

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter: Jane Brox said, “Time and task were both disorienting. For if you were to remove everything from our lives that depends on electricity to function, homes and offices would become no more than the chambers and passages of limestone caves… simple shelter from wind and rain. No way to keep out cold, or heat, for long. No way to preserve food, or to cook it. The things that define us, that without their purpose, they lose the measure of their beauty and we are left alone in the dark with countless useless things.” (Jane Brox, Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light)

B. Thesis Statement: Today I will inform you about the significance of electricity…show more content…

b. Impact: We can now talk easily to a friend or relative who is at a great distance from us. We can communicate our messages to the most distant corner of our country within no time.

2. Claim: We all knew that trains and buses run by coal and petrol respectively, but now steam engines and diesel engines are being replaced by electric engines.

a. Support: On April 8, , R. Cohen from woaknb.wz.sk (Elsevier's online network of sites reaches over 16 million professionals and scientists at corporate, academic, governmental and medical organizations each month.), wrote that long distance trains as well as local trains in cities like Mumbai and Calcutta are being run by electric engines. Electrification of more and more railway tracks are being done.

b. Impact: Since switching to electric engines, their speeds have increased greatly, and the journey of such trains becomes smoke free which is much better for our environment.

3. Claim: Electricity has changed the way of farming.

a. Support: I read an article by Julie Wernaue published on July 19, , from woaknb.wz.sk (Which was founded in ) that said energy has enabled us to distribute the water of the rivers

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