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Retail Maxim Assignments

Why Us?

Philosophy +

At Retail Maxim, our philosophy of continuously improving customer service and relations with our clients aids us in helping them actively improve their service. We help them to accurately measure customer experience, learning from feedback through our services and the results. This allows us to successfully offer our clients help in a number of ways but most importantly, the one that matters most - improving the service for their customers.

Experience +

We're proud to say that we hold a sales team of high professionalism and experience. Their development of bespoke reporting systems has produced one of the finest on the market, giving clients a programme to meet their specific needs.

Communication +

We talk with our shoppers as frequently as possible and, unlike many other Mystery Shopping companies, we meticulously profile our shoppers to specific visits, thus ensuring that all data, reports and analysis collected are built on solid foundations. It makes a difference to the results and this shows in our subsequent reports.

Technology +

Technology is a fantastic tool which we use to aid us, not control us. We believe that our regular, verbal contact with field staff is a key factor in our ability of producing high quality and consistent data.

Mystery Shopper Criteria

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Wondering what it takes to become a Mystery Shopper? Though we do not require any educational qualifications, we do have a few requirements below:

Age Requirement: 

All Retail Maxim shoppers must be 18 years of age or older.

Internet Knowledge/Accessibility: 

It isn’t necessary for our Shoppers to be computer geniuses, nor do we require that you have your own computer. We just simply ask that you have Internet and email access to send results from your experiences.

Qualities we look for in our Shoppers –


‘Real’ customers will behave naturally in stores, using their own likes and dislikes along with their opinions. You are, in essence, 'acting' when you’re in store, posing as a customer, monitoring the store against set criteria which the client has requested. The briefing we provide for each assignment will provide full details about what you will need to do. Be as confident as possible and you’ll do brilliantly.


Your accuracy in these situations is essential in delivering a truthful and honest feedback report of your time in store. A high level of accuracy in your reports always leads to good completed assignments and a happy client. The reports which we produce as a result of your experiences in outlets are used to improve staff and store performance, so accuracy is paramount.


Being punctual and turning up on the specified date and time is requested in most cases and can be vital to the success of the assignment. It may be that the client has specifically selected this particular time for a reason; maybe due to the trade levels of the location. Whatever the client asks for, we must deliver. Not all assignments are time critical but whether it is or not will be made clear in your briefing.

Staying Calm

As with all experiences life, whether it be shopping, eating in a restaurant or many other issues, parts of the activity can cause stress, however it is important to remain calm and natural at all times whilst Mystery Shopping. 

Having a good memory

Possibly the most basic but essential quality in our Mystery Shoppers is having the ability to recap your experiences in each assignment with accuracy and clarity. Memorising certain details until you have the opportunity to write them down on your notes is key. Doing this incognito when you are away from the outlet is also important.

Access to a camera device/scanner: 

You will be required to upload a copy of your receipt for any purchases made and also, in some cases, a photograph as part of your completed report and will not be able to complete your assignment without this ability.

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Retail Maxim's care, consistency and attention to detail have produced comprehensive, objective and valuable feedback to our retail operation.

Russell & Bromley

Retail Maxim's Mystery Shopping service has been the best money we've spent this year!

That's Entertainment

Since we started with Retail Maxim the service scores that we have achieved are improving across the chain wave on wave. The Retail Maxim mystery shopping programme has assisted us in improving our customer service ensuring all of our customer's receive the shopping experience they deserve.


This is a short note to thank Robert and the team for all their support with our Online Customer Satisfaction Survey. The programme we now have in place is extremely user friendly, simple to digest and very economical in terms of our budget. The rolled up monthly reporting is particularly useful in helping us to use the measure as a KPI within our business.

Vital Ingredient

The service Retail Maxim has provided us has been really effective and excellent value for money. We have benefited from your expertise in retail metrics and monitoring 'service levels' and 'experience', which have now been integrated into our company KPIs.

Realm Ltd

This is a short note to say 'thank you' for the excellent service that we receive from Retail Maxim. We have been impressed by the accuracy and quality of the Mystery Shopping reporting. The insight plays an important part in maintaining focus on what matters most - our customers.


The Retail Maxim Mystery shopping programme has been a key measure in helping us to drive our service standards as well as our ATV through improved upselling and multi-buy selling across our bakery chain. Retail Maxim clearly understood our aims and helped us to effectively launch our programme into the business so that it has been very well received.


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