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Ignou Deled Assignment 2013 Toyota

The common question among the DELED candidates is: how to prepare for DELED Assignments? It is simply because the time is ripe for all these untrained teachers to deposit DELED Assignment. The time frame that has been given by the NIOS to deposit the assignment is from December to January . The anxiety and nervousness on the faces of DELED aspirants is quite understandable as not much time has been left.

You might have been aware that the total number of marks of assignment is The assignment of a particular subject is the test of your knowledge and understanding about the concerned subject. Simply put, if you have attained good knowledge of a subject, you can secure well in its assignment part. For the better understanding of a subject, you can refer to the  help books of your subject.

The reading of the help books will help you focus on those chapters/study materials which are important for your assignment point of view. By reading these help books you will develop an insight on making the assignments properly.

The Format of DELED Assignment

  • The assignment marks for any course or subject will be of 30 marks
  • There will be 10 questions of practical and 20 questions from theory paper
  • You will get a question paper from NIOS DELED for assignment
  • The Question Paper of the Assignment has been uploaded on the website of NIOS both in English and Hindi languages
  • There will be 6 questions of Assignments
  • Every question is of equal marks(5 marks each)
  • The candidate have to write the answer in words

How to Prepare for DELED Assignment?

  • A4 Lining Paper: You will need A4 lining paper, in order to write DELED assignments. There is a restriction from the examination department of NIOS: you cannot write on the paper you want to. It is one of the most important things in how to prepare for DELED Assignment.
  • Take into Consideration the Number of Pages: Though it may slightly vary, but the number of pages that you will need in order to complete one assignment will tend to vary between
  • Refer to Study Materials: If you have any confusion in the understanding of the assignment, refer to the study materials. You may take help of the DELED study material of a famous publication. You will get an idea on how to prepare for DELED Assignment if you refer to a reputed publisher’s study material.
  • Make a Proper Try and Testing before Making Final DELED Assignment: Before you submit the final DELED Assignment, make proper try and testing in another papers taking the help of DELED study material. It will give you a confidence to write well.

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