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technique in propaganda links a person, or idea, to a negativesymbol.

Question No. 2 Marks : 02




Start line




The reporter's name, usually at the beginning of a story is termed as

Question No. 1 Marks : 02Total Marks: 60 Total Questions: 13

Failure to comply with the Supervisor's directions will result in your test being woaknb.wz.sk comply with supervisor's directions to avoid any unpleasant event.

Remember not to spend too much time on any one MCQ. Since all MCQs carry equal marks, itis important to manage your time and response to test questions effectively.

 You may wish to pace yourself with your own watch, but the Supervisor will be the officialtimekeeper of the test.

For each MCQ, read the choices available and select the choice which you consider is thecorrect answer.

 You should try to complete MCQ's in 10 - 20 minutes in order to give yourself minutes for descriptive questions.

This exam consists of 


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's),


short questions and


Descriptive questions.

 All questions are compulsory.


Time Allowed: Minutes

Final Term Examination – Spring

MCM Fundamentals of Public Relation




CS Mid Term Solved Past Papers (Mega_Files)

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