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National Junior Honor Society Requirements Essay

The National Honor Society is the nation&#;s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. To be selected for induction into an organization of such excellence and high standard is not only an honor, but a privilledge.

There are numerous advantages in becoming a member of the National Honor Society. The best, in my opinion, is the recognition received for the years of hard work that my peers and I have contributed. Maintaining the high standards that got us recognize to become apart of the National Honor Society was not an easy task. High School today is filled with so many temptations, and the fact that we stood strong through all of them is an advantage within itself. We become apart of a group, not just any group, but a group consisting of our class’s elite students. It’s an honor to even be acknowledge as a candidate for such an outstanding group. National Honor Society also looks good on your college resume and other applications you might be filling out.

To my knowledge, there are no questionable problems are incidents that could be used to challenge my selection as an Honor Society member.

One of my favorite characteristics is my intelligence and intellect. I have the ability to quickly catch on to things, which is good for many reasons. Many people have told me my intelligence is a virtue. Intellect is also an important thing to posses. Being Class President and Flag Captain have put me in situations where my intellect, or my ability to apply reason and logic, had come in handy.

My least favorite characteristic is my outspokenness. I have a tendency to sometimes speak before I think, which is not a very desirable habit to possess. Outspokenness can be good in some situations, but if used the wrong way can turn out to be more bad than good. It’s better to let your brain think, and not your mouth, because the impression you leave with people reflects on your actions and your choice of words. I have been working to improve this characteristic by simply taking the time to think before I speak.

Behavior is defined as the ability to conduct onself well. Students claiming membership in the Honor Society should always maintain high standard of behavior. They should be courteous to everyone, and respect others and themselves as well. They should have positive attitudes and postive behavior, and inspire others to do the same. They need to be able to work well with others, and be friendly. If selcted for induction, I will maintain this high standard of behavior. Behavior is a key factor to me, and even if Im not selected for induction, I will try to maintain the same high standard of behavior.

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I fully understand retaining membership depends on the maintenance of the grade point average. It is important to maintain good grades for scholarships and eligibility reasons. This should not be a problem though, because good grades are a demand of myself, and my parents.

Becoming a member of the honor society would once again, be an honor and a privileged. Being a candidate for selection into this group is an achievement within itself, and induction would be an outstanding achievement.

President:  Runs monthly meetings and organizes projects for members.

Vice President:  Assists in running meetings and projects.  Keeps record of service hours for each member.

Secretary:  Records the minutes and attendance of each meeting of officers and monthly meetings. Completes any necessary correspondence. 

Treasurer:  Signs off on financial transactions and completes necessary financial paperwork for NJHS.

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is more than just an honor roll. The Honor Society chapter establishes rules for membership that are based upon a student's outstanding performance in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These criteria for selection form the foundation upon which the organization and its activities are built. 

* Scholarship: Students who have a cumulative grade point average of percent or higher, for five consecutive marking periods, meet the scholarship requirement for membership in the Linden Avenue Chapter. These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. 
* Service: This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit. 
* Leadership: Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea-contributors, dependable, and persons who exemplify positive attitudes about life. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others. 
* Character: The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle. 
* Citizenship: The student who demonstrates citizenship understands the importance of civic involvement, has a high regard for freedom, justice, and democracy, and demonstrates mature participation and responsibility through involvement with such activities as scouting, community organizations, and school clubs.

Specific standards for these criteria may vary from one school to the next. Such variations are acceptable as long as they do not fall below the national standards set by the National Council of the NJHS. All membership selection for individual students is handled through the local school chapter.

For membership in the Linden Avenue Chapter of the NJHS , any student in the second semester of the 7th grade, or grade 8, with a cumulative grade point average of or above, for five consecutive marking periods, is eligible for consideration. Applications will be distributed to all students who meet this criteria for Scholarship.

The Faculty Council meets (date to be determined) to review applications for membership. Correct completion of the application is essential. Each candidate&#;s application is reviewed thoroughly. Essays must be neat, well-written, and summarize each student&#;s individual qualities and examples of Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship in his/her own life. Service and Citizenship are weighed heavily. The Faculty Council obtains information regarding a student&#;s Leadership and Character qualities from teachers, coaches, and/or advisors, in addition to the essay. After review, members of the Faculty Council vote to determine acceptance or decline membership, with the majority being the rule. The Advisor does not vote.

NJHS Service Requirements

Your application for membership requires at least 20 hours of service  in grade 8 or ten hours in grade 7(Linden Ave. and/or Community) prior to application. Any student already inducted into the NJHS, or those interested in being inducted this year, should either use the link to print a Monthly Service Log or ask Mrs. Goldhirsch for copies of the form.

Each member already inducted into the Linden Avenue Chapter of the NJHS is required to perform 20 hours of service to Linden Avenue Middle School or the surrounding communities (June - May ).   Each time you work, fill in the date, amount of time logged, and have your sponsor or parent initial the log.  Members continually turning in logs late will be placed on probation.

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