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Self Reflection On Writing Essay

Essay about Self-Reflection: Writing Composition

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I have always enjoyed writing, and I believed writing was a subject I was naturally good at. I turned in papers that were still rough drafts, I did not evaluate my sources, nor did I ever take the time to fully understand the prompt. It was not until my first semester of college, in my writing composition course, I realized that I had a lot of work ahead of me to be as good a writer as I thought I was. In the writing course, the students were required to compose several essays using different methods to help progress on the course objectives. The work in this portfolio demonstrates that I have used the methods of synthesis and evaluation of sources to advance my critical thinking skills and develop personal responsibility. Though I have…show more content…

I was able to interpret the different type of impact the subjects experienced and then I was able to give a potential reason to why the impact on the subjects was different. In a more recent synthesis essay, called “Ashputtle and the Rough-Faced Girl”, I wrote “Ashputtle is given clothes to heal her emotional wounds” (Tharwani 2). In the story, the author does not reveal the symbolic relationship between the clothes and Ashputtle’s emotional wounds; I had to critically think and recognize this symbolic relationship. I feel I have significantly improved my critical thinking skills to a point where I can confidently call it one of my b strengths in writing. However, I improved my critical thinking skills by not only writing synthesis essays, but also by evaluating sources to use in those essays. Another method, evaluation of sources, further progress my critical thinking skills and helped me develop personal responsibility. When writing essays, quotes are a great strategy to prove a point. However, finding the right quotes and as well as deciding if the source of the quote is reliable might be a challenge for some people; this was not the case for me. In one of my essays, called “Shocking Results“, I wrote “Jerry Burger, a psychologist, points out that ‘follow-up questionnaire data [indicated] that the vast majority of

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Paige French


Professor Peterson

Reflective Essay

March 7,

The Learning Experience

            This semester in WISE English was a very interesting journey. I was faced with many new obstacles and learned many new things on the way. Though there were a few road bumps I tried my best to overcome them.  I was also granted many new writing opportunities such as writing for all different genres.  I went from writing analytically to writing for business. When the semester began I had high hopes for myself. In a way I failed myself. I expected so much more from myself and I know that I can perform better than I did. Though this semester was not a total fail my writing skills as a whole have improved.

One of my first major writing assignments was to write a prospectus for my slave narrative research paper. Within this prospectus I laid out the blueprint for my future paper. I decided to research how education and religion were used as outlets and also a way of self-expression in relation to the slave narrative; Narrative of the Life of John Quincy Adams, When in Slavery, and Now as a Freeman. From the prospectus I then created my actual research paper. My findings showed that slaves used both education and religion as a way to mentally free themselves and ease the pain of slavery. Religion also gave them hope and a way to keep going and to never give up. During slavery most slaves were very religious. They also used the churches to congregate and comfort one another. Being as though many slaves were separated from their genetic families they were never really alone because they had their church families. Being educated and religious was also a sign of strength. Slave masters and whites saw slaves as savage animals. The act of being educated counteracted all stereotypes that there were about slaves.

While in College Composition II I also had a chance to strengthen various skills such as argumentation. Though arguing something seems simple but persuading the opposing side to see things your way is a bit more difficult. With the Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B. Dubois assignment I had to not only state my stance but also include points from the opposing side to use it against them. With this assignment I learned the importance of argumentation and how to correctly persuade someone. This assignment was not only efficient in the classroom but also within my everyday life. For instance I recently used this to persuade my parents to buy me a car.

Within my second semester of College composition I presented a power point to show a visual production of my history research paper. I chose to research the evolution of clorism within the African-American community and how it affected the African-American community. Being as though this presentation was do before my actual paper was to be completed it helped me stay on task.

When I first entered College Composition II MLA format was a huge challenge for me, now that semester has come to a close I have strengthened my MLA formatting skills for almost all sources. I also improved my CMS formatting. I also learned that when I procrastinate I do not produce work that I know that I am cable of.

All in all this semester has taught me many new things about both myself and the course. Though goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the semester were not fulfilled I&#;m walking away from the semester learning my strengths and weakness. This semester was a learning experience for me. I now know the correct way to handle future situations. I end this semester with only one regret, I let my personal life interfere with my education. In the future I must also stop procrastinating.

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