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What Did I Do Last Weekend Essay

Topics of essays usually differ, depending on the school level. Let’s take into consideration the easiest ones – elementary and middle school levels of essay writing. Usually, pupils are assigned to write about their favorite pet, how they spent the summer break, what is their favorite season or what is their precious dream. One of the possible topics that can be assigned to elementary and middle school students is “My last weekend”. As “My last weekend” essay is one of the most ordinary topics for middle school pupils, it is easy to work out some practical tips on writing such type of essay. First of all, one has to remember that it is a narrative essay. Student has to tell a story of his weekend and explain the events that took place. Of course, “My last weekend” essay will consist of the introduction, body, and conclusion. There are various ways of organizing the body part. You may write it as a timeline, or concentrate on one significant event. No matter the approach you choose, the body of your essay should consist of at least two or three paragraphs. The conclusion will restate the general idea of your weekend (was it a trip, a concert visit, or just two days at home in front of the TV) and provide your attitude to the spent time. Almost all sentences have to be written in past tense, except for those that tell facts. Although writing “My last weekend” essay is not a complicated task, you have to remember about the structure. It is the most common mistake that students forget to write the introduction or conclusion. For this reason, we have written the sample of “My last weekend” essay. You can use it as a structural framework for your task.

My Last Weekend

Modern life is fast. Working in stressful conditions, trying to keep pace with all the necessary duties is exhausting. People start each workweek with the hope for the upcoming weekend. Even those who enjoy their job need a peaceful break. The weekend is a time for rest, entertainment, and relaxation. I belong to the category of people who never plan the weekend. Most my weekends are a surprise. However, the last weekend was an Easter holiday, which made these two relaxation days unusual, – transforming them into the celebration time.

On Friday evening, I went to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping for the upcoming event. Saturday morning started with the preparation of the traditional Easter meals. I cooked Easter cakes and boiled eggs. It took a while because Easter cakes are prepared from the yeast dough. While the cakes were baking in the oven, I prepared the glaze out of the egg whites and sugar powder. I was in a good mood because my cakes were perfect. I enjoyed the cooking time and was proud of my work.

After finishing with the cakes, I took a little break in order to read an interesting book. After that, I started preparation for the Easter church service. I decorated my Easter basket with artificial flowers, eggs, and colorful strips and put my cakes, eggs and a candle into the basket. At eleven in the evening, I left for the Easter service.

The church was full of light and peace. There was a crowd, but I did not feel bothered. Everyone was in a good mood, smiled and enjoyed the celebration. Easter service was not the regular session. The service was held during the night, and at the end of the session, there was a solemn consecration of Easter baskets. Although I was tired of cooking, I did not feel the fatigue. I was full of peacefulness, joy, and love. It was the unique feeling that could be experienced only in the church.

Sunday morning started with the traditional Easter family breakfast. We prayed and moved to our Easter meal. This was a nice family meeting, where we discussed various happy events of our relatives, showed recent pictures, and also took a family group photograph. After the meal, we decided to go for a walk to the nearest park. The walk was nice, and people were cheerful and delighted. I enjoyed the time spent with my family and did not notice that the nice day was over.

The last weekend I spent was the Easter celebration. I had a busy but wonderful time. Cooking traditional Easter meals, decorating the basket, going to the church and spending time with my family made my Easter weekend perfect. The only thing I miss is that time has flown so fast. I wish I could add a few hours to make my last weekend a little longer.


I like your question and want to share how I spent my last week, which I can say was one of the most inspiring week of and will boost me up for the rest of my life.

As I slept early on Saturday i.e., 17 December, I woke up at 4 a.m. Although I live in Hyderabad I am sure my city can compete with rest of Northern states of India in terms of temperature. I checked out my Whatsapp and facebook posts and messages but found nothing new and exciting. I went back into my cave expecting a lullaby but in vain. I took my headphones and listened some songs. As shuffle mode was on, Channa mereya song from Ae Dil Hai Mushqil popped out.

It was one of the best song I have ever heard and it perfectly synced with sweet chirps of sparrows. I hadn’t watched the movie so I thought of reading its plot in Wikipedia. The story was nice and when I was about to exit, I accidentally pressed image in Google and an image caught my eyes. The image was:

So elegant and beautiful, that I decided to sketch it out. I grabbed an A4 paper, drawing pencils and an eraser and started sketching it out. It took me nearly 3 hours but I did it well (My opinion).

The above pic is proof of my efforts.

I posted it in Instagram and facebook, which merely got glance at beginning but grabbed a lot of appreciation on monday.

Some of my classmates appreciated me personally which motivated to make some more similar art.

I am very fascinated about digital art and paintings but always failed to make one by my own because of lack of equipment. After reaching home lately from college, I sat in front of my PC and found NO INTERNET. I opened Adobe Photoshop and tried to make an anime character but failed. I thought about giving a try to color above pic and started to sketch it out again and that too without any help of graphic pad ( Which is the equipment I was talking about and honestly, I don’t know how to use it ).

It took my three days, each day 2 and a half hour to make my idea come true and VOILA! I did it.

It was merely appreciated but that didn’t let me down.

For a moment ( after completion of Herculean task of coloring ) my heart cried you can do it, you can do anything! Its just not an art for me but a milestone towards my ultimate goal.

I continued sketching out the rest of the week and created some of the best arts!

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