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Zombie Apocalypse

Students are required to write creative essays by their course instructors. A typical example of such an essay can be entitled zombie apocalypse. This article attempts to deconstruct a typical creative essay using the aforementioned title as an example to show the best approach and style to nail such an essay. First, you need a catch introduction and a thesis statement. A catchy introduction can be designed to capture the imagination of the audience and hook them to your essay. You can tap into the emotions of the audience and hook them to your essay by contextualizing them through imagination to be part of the uninfected humans during a zombie apocalypse. Then, gradually and coherently take them through the survival and aftermath of the apocalypse.

How to start an essay

A good thesis statement is necessary to inform the reader what to expect in the essay. It should be clear and unambiguous showing what the author ought to expect in the essay. Create a smooth transition to the body paragraphs while maintaining the attention of the author.

Example of a thesis statement:

&#;All this point to a zombie apocalypse, a thought flashes your mind on how to survive, find help, unite with other people and how this experience will change your life.&#;

Example of an introductory paragraph:

&#;Picture this: you went on a hiking trip to the mountains in the summer. After few days in the wood, you come home tired and thirsty. On arrival, you notice everything is oddly quiet and untidy, not to mention blood stains on the wall and the door. The door is also partly open and strangely quiet. You think it might have been a violent robbery. Tensed, you walk slowly to the door and push it gently. Everything is still intact other than a few broken utensils and untidy floor. You see your sister with blood stains walking through the door in tattered clothes and walking like a corpse.  Her hair is matted and hanging on her face, and her mouth in agape showing rotting teeth. You hear on the radio unfamiliar sound calling for any survivors to move to the town assembly centers. Your sister and grandma also come through the door dragging their feet lazily and stretching their hands to reach you. All this point to a zombie apocalypse, a thought flashes your mind on how to survive, find help, unite with other people and how this experience will change your life.&#;

How to write body paragraphs

These paragraphs carry the main content of the essay. Each paragraph has a topic sentence that explicitly and concisely highlights the main theme of the paragraph. Few support sentences follow to expound on the topic sentence. Support sentences ought to give vivid description of the story to create a mental picture in the mind of the reader. Ensure the sentences are short and unambiguous. Take the audience on an epic journey of how the world would transform under zombie apocalypse. Create a smooth transition from the introductory paragraph into the rest of the essay.

Body paragraph 1:

&#;You cannot be dreaming, it is a zombie apocalypse, and you have no family. You have to survive and find other uninfected people in the hope of surviving the apocalypse. You rush outside and see your lovely dog, (Pudsey) running to attack you with all signs showing she is also infected. You grab an axe and cut her head off. Now you are on your own, it may not be the zombie apocalypse you anticipated or foreseen, but you are in the middle of it. You will either be infected or make poor decisions on survival techniques and die. To survive, you need some weapons preferably a gun and enough ammunition, food, and water, means of communication like a radio to help you keep updated about other survivors and water. Clothes and a fortress to keep away those meat hungry creatures that you once knew as a family, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc. Most importantly, you need the will to survive, and that means you won’t hesitate to put a bullet through the head of these moving corpses if need be.&#;

A third paragraph can discuss some of the survival tools and techniques anyone would need in a zombie infested area. This gives the audience hope for their survival and glues them to your essay to uncover the way to survive. Create smooth transitions between these paragraphs and maintain the attention of the reader.

Body paragraph 2:

&#;A zombie apocalypse would have a huge ripple effect. Electricity and water supplies will be cut off, and thus you need to find a way to use lanterns at night and fetch water from the rivers and other freshwater sources. Be alert not to be infected through any consumable things like food and water. Take as much as imperishable food items as you can and keep your gun loaded all the time. Avoid lit areas these lifeless creatures are attracted to it, and they can spot you. Always make sure your fortress is impenetrable or seek refuge in the forest, but that brings a whole lot of new challenges. Keep looking for any signs of uninfected people and team up to increase your chances of survival and use any means necessary that can help other sentient humans notice you as you seek refuge.&#;

In the last body paragraph, show hope for the survivors. Show them you made it to safety and united with other survivors who are eager to rebuild the world. Show how the apocalypse changed the world and emboldened your optimism to rebuild your life. Since this sentence leads to the concluding paragraph, transit smoothly to wrap up the essay.

Body paragraph 3:

&#;Effect of this epidemic will be great and will last a couple of years. Assume you survive plus a handful of people, and you have sought refuge in a remote place. These lifeless creatures eventually die off due to extreme weather conditions and biological agents of decomposition. Starting to rebuild civilization would take many years and reconstituting an interdependent human society would likely be a far-fetched idea. Weaving the fabric torn by the extermination of billions of people would be almost an impossible fete. The memories and experiences you shared with your loved ones who you might have to kill to save yourself would be indelible. Resources would be abundant, but most won’t last a lifetime and creating the capacity to reinvent the told and human resource to live a normal life as we know it today would be a Herculean task.&#;

The conclusion should be concise and reconcile the mood and tone of the essay. This helps bring finality to the essay and avoid cliffhangers. Rewrite the thesis statement in other words to wrap the text. Summarize the main points of the essay in few sentences. Finish with an interesting sentence that gives the audience a take away thought about your essay.

How to conclude an essay on Zombie Apocalypse

The conclusion should be concise and reconcile the mood and tone of the essay. This helps bring finality to the essay and avoid cliffhangers. Rewrite the thesis statement in other words to wrap the text. Summarize the main points of the essay in few sentences. Finish with an interesting sentence that gives the audience a take away thought about your essay.

Example of conclusion paragraph:

&#;However, your will to survive must be unwavering because the survival of our species will weigh heavily on your shoulders. Find a farmhouse and restart life and bring forth new generations. These generations may not have experienced the apocalypse but they will feel its effect many hundred years to come, and you will book your space in history. Succinctly, it is impossible to adequately prepare for a zombie apocalypse, but this essay highlights some of the best practical means that can save your life. Remember not to die and help others if you can on your quest to survive. Though the thought of a zombie apocalypse might be ridiculous, just sit back and imagine; what if it happened, do you have what it takes to survive?&#;

Modern popular culture is full of mysteries. Observing the fascinations of people in social networks, on YouTube, or Flickr, one could possibly wonder about the reasons of popularity of certain media phenomena. People adore kittens, Japanese commercials, cat-beards, planking, and many other mass culture fads. But, in my opinion, none of them are as popular as zombie movies. Western culture is supersaturated with shambling undead creatures; not only horror movies, but also comedies (&#;Shawn of the Dead&#;) and even romantic stories (&#;Warm Bodies&#;) are being filmed about them. Considering we are talking about dead rotten cannibals, logically, a question may arise: what stands behind the western world&#;s obsession with the zombie theme?

Since we are living in a certain society, we adopt and observe particular rules that are taken for granted and not disputed by the majority. Members of each particular social group mostly share common values and morals, and thus act in a particularly predefined way. While most of the social rules and prescriptions are logical and beneficial for every member of a society, there also exist many additional rules and circumstances (for instance, corporate culture, political correctness, large amounts of work, overpopulation) that may cause stress and disappointment in life. In its turn, in zombie movies, we often witness an almost inevitable collapse of these social structures. In order to stay alive, people often need to set new rules of behavior that rather ignore anything non-contributing to survival. This chance to lead one&#;s own game, depending only on oneself, may be one of the factors favoring zombie movies. In other words, a mass subconscious desire to get rid of excessive stress by all means may be one of the reasons of the popularity of this cultural phenomenon.

Another possible reason for the popularity of zombie themes is that it may be a reflection of the condition of mass consciousness. What is a zombie in cinematography? It is an aimless, singularly-focused creature, which, in the majority of cases is a result of scientific experiments or technological catastrophes. Thus, zombies can symbolize a fear of technological progress, which brings humanity not only cellphones and tablets, but also nuclear weapons, artificial viruses, gene engineering, ecological disasters, and so on. And, at the same time, people in developed countries are extremely enthusiastic about everything related to progress, though it deprives us of our human abilities and qualities. Technology has become omnipresent; there are too many Facebook comments, and not enough handshakes. Albert Einstein was afraid that once technology would surpass human interaction and give the world a generation of idiots. And if you substitute “idiots” with “zombies,” you will understand the reasons standing behind the discussed cultural phenomenon (NoFilmSchool).

Professor Sarah Lauro from Clemson University also believes the popularity of zombies can be seen as an index of the population&#;s mental health. She believes an obsession with zombies, and specifically the phenomenon of “zombie walks” (when fans dress and make-up like the undead and walk city streets) illustrates citizens&#; dissatisfaction with their governments and the authorities. She says when people (and, in general, a culture) start to feel disempowered due to certain circumstances—such as economic crises, wars, and so on—they start to feel an increased interest in zombies, “either playing dead themselves&#; or watching a show like &#;Walking Dead” (Business Insider).

Zombies are a phenomenon of modern mass culture that have deep social connotations. The fact of this subject being so popular can speak in favor of various trends in mass consciousness. Among them, one can highlight such factors as fatigue from excessive social demands and regulations, the fear of intense technological progress and dehumanization, and the feeling of being disempowered and tired of authorities and governments.


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