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A Morning Walk Short Essay Example


Sleep, rest and exercise are essential for health. Walking is in fact the best form of exercise so a regular morning walk is very useful. It provides exercise to the body and freshness to the mind. A morning walk exercises many parts of the body- legs, arms, waist, and chest. Fresh air goes into the body and improves the working of the lungs. It improves and increases appetite and regulates digestion. As a result we feel active as well as fresh and fit. It gives new energy to the body for the day’s work.

Walking provides the greatest pleasure to a man, whether you go by yourself or in the company of others. Some people prefer to go alone because they can think calmly and quietly on many serious problems of the day. Mahatma Gandhi was one of them. He walked very fast every morning but he was accompanied by his disciples. They discussed many problems of the day as they walked.

Hikers and tramps are found everywhere in the world. Some go out on long walks for pleasure, some do it for health. Some go out for long walks because they feel bored at home and do not find anything worthwhile to do. In an effort to run away from them they first run away from home. In the new surrounding, they find a new interest. They see greener fields and new pastures. During walk they make new friends and sometimes this friendship blooms in business ventures.

The air in the morning is pollution free. A walk before the sunrise has the maximum benefit on our health. The nature is at its best, the dew drops on leaves and blades of grass look like pearls. A walk on the green grass has its own charm.

During walk one enjoys the beauties of nature and feels quite fresh and healthy. One can study birds and animals and learn from their habits. One can enjoy the beauties of flowers, plants and trees. Walking in the mountains is an eternal joy. When the sun rises on the snow-capped mountains, it is a rare phenomenon to observe and cherish.

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Essay on “A Morning Walk” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12

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