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Personal Statement Msc Engineering Management

Sample Engineering Management Postgraduate Personal Statement

Several factors have been significant in my decision to apply to study for a Master&#;s degree in Engineering Management. Firstly, I love the science of engineering and I was among the first batch of students to graduate from Texas A&M Qatar in electrical engineering in The nature of engineering as a discipline means that it must always be much more than a purely academic study, so that it satisfies both intellectual and practical interests. At the same time I am very interested in the management role and feel that I have a natural aptitude for advising and guiding others in the workplace as well as a confidence in my own judgement when it comes to making important decisions about engineering projects, methods and planning. The third factor is the environment in which I plan to work, the dynamic world of Qatar, which is one of the engineering and structural wonders of the modern world. It is a working context which is full of challenges to the engineer, demanding solutions to innumerable questions about construction and the supply of services of all types which are needed to enable such a state to function successfully. My own experience has been with Kahramaa, the sole provider of electricity to Qatar, where I plan to continue my career after I complete my Master&#;s degree. One clear challenge which will have to be dealt with in the future is the World Cup event in , which will call for enormous flexibility in the supply of power to the city. It is clear that traditional forms of management are unlikely to be adequate to cope with such dramatic changes, and I hope that, armed with a UK advanced degree in the field, I shall be able to make a major contribution to the success of this event and indeed to the continuing development of my homeland and its economy.

I began working with Kahramaa shortly after graduation and have been employed for the last three years as a design and development engineer. I have been responsible for the design of the 11kv electricity grid in Qatar, which has necessarily kept me closely in touch with current and forthcoming construction projects in Qatar and thus given me full knowledge of the likely power requirements in the area. In my section I am responsible for checking electrical system drawings and giving them official approval. I have learnt how to work with many types of people at many different levels of business, ranging from CEOs to site contractors, so that I feel that I already have a good sense of the sort of work management involves. Of course Qatar&#;s economy is focussed on the export of oil and gas, and the employment prospects in these industries are very attractive, particularly for Qatari graduates. I have chosen, however, to work for a utility, partly because I should like to be able to make a real contribution to the success of my homeland, and also because I believe that the company needs to change to cope with the challenges of the future. Most engineers in my company can take on a managerial role within five years of entering the firm, so that I have every confidence that I shall be in a strong position very soon to begin the process of modernisation and innovation. My plan is to move into the corporate planning department after completion of my Master&#;s.

My experience has already given me a taste for the management role and suggested to me that I have some ability in this area. I was chosen as the senior electrical engineering students&#; representative in my final year at university, where I gained some skill in resolving conflicts and working with others as part of a team. I am efficient in my management of time, a sharp analyst when confronted with problems, and a creative thinker with good powers of invention. I am professional in my attitude and focussed in my career plans. The depth, range and indeed prestige of a degree from a UK university would prepare me perfectly for my planned role, and I hope you will consider my application.

We hope this sample Engineering Management Postgraduate Personal Statement will provide help to those who need some guidance whilst writing their personal statement.

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Ready to transition to a leadership or management position? Our program will enhance your technical expertise while developing your management skills.

You don't have to interrupt your career to earn a master's degree in engineering management. Our convenient&#;classes &#; offered in a traditional classroom setting and in a simultaneously online environment &#; enable working professionals to continue to move ahead professionally while completing their degrees in as little as two years. To accommodate working professionals, courses are offered during each of the fall, spring and summer semesters, either over the lunch hour or in the late afternoon or evening. And all simulcast courses are also recorded, enabling on-campus and Internet-based students the ability to playback classroom sessions at their convenience.

Degree Requirements

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited program in engineering, engineering technology, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics or related program of study. Applicants with different undergraduate degrees or whose background does not include preparation in mathematics similar to that of an undergraduate engineer (most notably including at least three semesters of calculus) may be required to complete undergraduate prerequisites. Applicants should have at least a cumulative grade-point average on a scale. In some cases, applicants with a GPA below &#; especially those with significant work experience&#;&#;&#;may be admitted on a conditional basis.

Additional requirements apply for&#;international students.&#;

To apply for admission, click the "Apply Now" link. Along with the application, Engineering Management applicants should submit the following additional information:

  • Official academic records of all previously attended colleges or universities submitted directly from the colleges or universities to the Office of Graduate Admission Processing. (Hand-carried transcripts, official copies marked "Issued to Student" and unofficial copies are not acceptable.)
  • A personal statement that outlines your experience in the engineering field &#; both academically and professionally &#; and also describes what you hope to learn in our program and how it will be important both for your career and your current/potential employers.

Please note, while the Department of Engineering Management, Systems and Technology does not require you to provide results from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or letters of recommendation, you are welcome to submit such information in support of your application. A current r&#;sum&#; is often helpful as well . . . but also not required.

Application Deadlines

Applications accepted on a rolling basis with the following approximate general deadlines:

  • Fall Term: June 15th
  • Spring Term: November 15th
  • Summer Term: March 15th

Please contact your department chair to follow up on exact deadlines.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available; however, restrictions may apply to international students. Some of the graduate assistantships are at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and require citizenship or permanent residency. Please contact individual programs for details.

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