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Descriptive Essay On Procrastination

All those last minute tasks suddenly take up brain space and start to suck up our attention as any deadline approaches. Sometimes while writing, it is almost as if the whole universe is conspiring against us. The adrenaline starts pumping, the Red Bulls and Coffees get consumed through the roof. We have all been there.

Procrastination often gets overlooked as merely lacking time management skills, but new research shows that the real issue might be a little more complicated.

For starters, we need to realize the fact that even though all of us procrastinate, all of us are not procrastinators. This condition called Chronic Procrastination is affecting over of the whole population of this planet. It is defined as delaying the important tasks on purpose while being conscious of the fact that it will come back to bite us later. Research suggests that it can also be the cause of many problems, from low grades to high-stress levels, lower productivity to poor health etc.

Unfortunately, our brains are very prone to falling into the instant gratification cycle. Things that are easy and fun are much more desired than things that take effort and hard work. It explains why we browse YouTube instead of working on a paper and the reason we tend to form repetitive habits rather than learning new skills or concepts.

People who are addicted to things such as alcohol, drugs, video games and pornography can be classified as instant gratification slaves. These effortless ways the brain receives endorphins temporarily changes the mindset of a human. If they feel good without putting in any effort, why in hell would they try and do something difficult to achieve that same level of satisfaction? Thanks to this type of thinking, the brain the instant gratification process so as to replicate it as often as desired!

However, our brains have this phenomenal process called neuroplasticity. This allows our brain to rewire itself through the reception of new stimuli and by experiencing new scenarios. Basically, this means any human has the ability to change himself and his or her way of thinking and decision making. It all starts with a little initiative to rewire the brain and liquidate procrastination.

Procrastination can be countered by using some practical methods like splitting your task up into multiple little fragments to make it easier and more manageable. You can also set personal deadlines and punishments if you don't achieve certain objectives. The goal is to train your brain to follow procedures in a self-authoritarian manner

Another way to avoid this problem is by blocking access to distractions like turning off the phone, or disconnecting from social media for some time, or by visiting a quiet location such as a library. This will still require self-regulation, which is the main reason behind this problem to start with.

Sometimes the best way to treat chronic procrastination is to simply . If you are a drug addict, alcoholic, porn addict and or 24/7 gamer, then go for the Hail Mary and attempt to break all 4 bad habits at once. If you go a week without fail towards all of these habits, the changes in your life could feel revolutionary!

There are some studies that suggest that it is beneficial to fix your mood for a short time, and find something worthwhile or positive about the work or task at hand. It can help you then and there, and improve your productivity.

The approach of awarding early birds rather than punishing the late comers is a rather fruitful approach, as it brings forward the positivity. It will surely aid in getting the things done by deadlines.

We as a society are don't tend to reward punctuality, rather we punish lateness. You don't get anything for paying the water bill on time, but you get smacked with a fine for late credit card payments. Drug addicts don't get therapy or support groups, they get tossed in cells. When we start fixing societies mentality, there will be a natural decrease in all types of universal procrastination.

Procrastination can be lethal for your success, as the time wasted stalling the work will give birth to guilt, and it will puncture the energy balloon creating a cloud of depression in your mind. If you ever find yourself in a spot where you feel trapped with no visible open routes for proceeding ahead, just remember that there is no need to get it perfect, you can simply force yourself to through it.

Ideally, you need to learn how to make the most of your time whilst still enjoying yourself. In order to achieve this, there are 3 main pillars that should be focused on:

First, . Regardless of who you are or what you do, life will never be a linear progression. It has its ups and downs so the concept of stability is almost a myth in reality. When you start to approach life as more of a ride that you can steer, that’s when pieces fall into place!

Second, . You know those people who live in an island worth billions that have everything they could ever want? Believe it or not, they still want more. Becoming complacent in life is such a miserable path to take. The world is always in motion and it doesn’t stop for anybody. Considering the fact that we only have one life, it’s important to use it to its fullest capacity!

Third, . Every individual has a comfort zone. Everything outside this zone can be labeled as the unknown. As psychology has taught us, we fear what we don’t fully understand. One thing that life teaches us is that facing your fears is the most effective way to develop as a person. Also, we have learned that the more often you face your fears, the less intensive they become! To make it short and sweet, it’s important to challenge ourselves and increase our comfort zone to the max!

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