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When I arrived in Las Vegas, the excitement of the debate jolted the city to life. Tuesday evening Zhengdong and I picked up our credentials from the Thomas and Mack Center, and then we went back to the hotel to rest in order to be able to handle the chaos of the upcoming day.

On Wednesday I arrived at the Thomas and Mack Center at and then traveled to Spin Alley, the area reserved for the media to interview political analysts and campaign spokespersons. I’d heard from lots of people that Spin Alley was hectic, but I never expected it to be so busy. Anchor booths lined the walls, and several interviews were being conducted at the same time. Journalists moved frantically around the room searching for their next story. While in Spin Alley, I met a number of journalists, surrogates, and politicians, including Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr, Mark Cuban, and Andrea Mitchell.

As the debate time approached, Spin Alley began to calm down a bit. Zhengdong and I were surprised with tickets five minutes before the debate! We took our seats in the debate hall and waited for the show to begin.

I thought the candidates did very well within the first hour and stayed on topic, but in the last thirty minutes both Clinton and Trump focused more on personal grievances than policy. Clinton continued to struggle with the repeated focus on her emails and Trump wrestled with the concept of good judgment and with harassment accusations made against him by several women. I believe the last debate was more of a tie than an outright victory considering the first hour, but at the end they both took the bait from each other.

I’m so grateful that I was able to experience the political process and see history up close. Thank you so much, PBS!

The KLRU KIDS Writers Contest is a local Contest this year designed to promote the advancement of children&#;s reading skills through hands-on, active learning. Children in kindergarten through fifth grade will be encouraged to write and illustrate stories and submit them to KLRU, which will then select winners and award prizes on May 19, All entries will be published on KLRU&#;s website.

The KLRU Writers Contest will begin January 1, and will end March 31,

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